DayGlow Miami Pictures Are Here!

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DayGlow Miami was a smashing success and it could not have been possible if it wasn’t for all the people behind the scenes like security, clean up crews, police, and many more, but most importantly special thanks to the Team Committee who did all the promotions for the events, their promoters worked real hard and sold out all their tickets. Also special thanks to Paul Campbell.

The Merrymaking Miami team had a great night filled with lots of paint. Our Photographer (Mitch) took some very cool pictures so make sure you check them out [HERE]. If you were there that night you should especially check out the pictures, there ae over 150 photos. So chance are you might see yourself in a few of them.

Be sure to Like our page on facebook [HERE] and you can add the Owner / Photographer of this event here [Mitch Merrymakingmiami]. There are some good pictures of Alesso the headliner of the night, as well as almost every on in the front of the crowd by the stage. There was paint every where, and every one was having a great time.

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To See All The DayGlow Miami Photos [CLICK HERE]


Alesso @ Liv Tonight then Alesso @ DayGlow Tomorrow!

Alesso will be performing at Liv Nightclub in Miami Beach.

Then the next day he will head over to Miami Beach Convention Center for DayGlow Miami the worlds largest paint party along with David Solano & Deniz Koyu!

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Official DayGlow After Party Announced!


DayGlow will be crazy but the after party will be insane!
Girls-5$. Guys-10$
Its going down at Club Mekka at 2:00am right after DayGlow ends.
You cant miss this! Special Guest Appearances through out the night.


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This Will Be a Night To Remember!!


Heat Won!! See the Official Team Celebration at Liv Nightclub!

The Heat finally got what they almost had last year, they were not going to let Oklahoma City take the championship this time. The heat were up by 10-20 points the majority of the game, yet they remained focused, but towards the last few minutes they couldnt help themselves from starting to celebrate early because of how far behind Oklahoma City was. In the end how ever the Heat won by 14 points.

Final Score-

Heat - 120 points

Oklahoma City - 106 points

Official Heat Celebration After Party- @ Liv Nightclub

After the Heat had their victory over at the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami they headed straight over to Liv Nightclub in Miami Beach. There Sunnary James & Ryan Marciano were headlining and with surprise guests LMFAO & DJ Irie & Cedric Gervais joined the party as well. Most of the Heat Team were there like Wade, Lebron, and Bosh even the Miami Heat Head Coach was there as well. It was an amazing nite here are a few pictures.

Pictures Source= World Red Eye (

New Nightclub Opened In Miami Beach – Bamboo Nightclub

               Bamboo Nightclub was quietly opened on March 22nd 2012 during the Winter Music Conference right here in Miami Beach. Ultra Music Festival was the following 3 days on the 23rd, 24th, and the 25th of March as well. This was why the opening night of Bamboo was quiet since the competition that week is the most intense in Miami then any other time of the year. This does not how ever make Bamboo any less of a good club, it was just the wrong time for a new club to emerge when every other club was having their best nights during that week with the best DJ’s in the industry, so Bamboo wouldn’t have much of a chance to compete with that their opening night.


               The nightclub is new thus has state of the art equipment, stages, lighting, and sound as well. The main room is very open and has a stage that can change or adjust to any venue’s needs. The dress code is strict, I even heard them turning away men for having dreadlocks at the door, also it is a good idea to bring some beautiful well dressed women or money if you plan on getting in at the door. Tuesday nights are poppin at Bamboo and the club is packed. Here are some reviews I found on Yelp:



  1. “Every club has a shelf life , right now I am loving Bamboo, came here on a Tuesday night to celebrate my birthday. Let. Me write again, TUESDAY night, place was packed! !  Love the big Buddha head right in the entrance, I felt in love with the chandeliers ; ) and I also  like how the VIP tables are designed .
    Dj was playing great music, hip hop first than towards 3 pm house music.
    Saw lots of beautiful woman well dressed  and  off course to follow the ladies , lots of  guys too .  Bottles kept on coming thru the night … Eventually I left my table and went to the bar , love the bar a well .I will definitely come back here again , if a Tuesday night was good I wonder how a Saturday night will be . ; )”   By West C.
  2. “Ehh, The Venue itself was probably the nicest in Miami. I went on a Sunday and the music was alright, it was old school hip hop, which I don’t mind, but at least mix it up with something modern.ADVICE: Get there AFTER 1:00 AM. There is no one there before that.”  By Cindy L.


  1. “The place is BEAUTIFUL!  but SUPER EXPENSIVE! $19,00 for a vodka under rocks, $9 and change for a beer..Tips are included (18%), wich I find weird, I never knew they could make you pay for tips at the time you buy a drink!!!! I though it was optional of how much you as a customer wants to give to the bartender.. .Good thing – the Saturday DJ when I went was AWSOME!!! He played a very good selection of songs that made everyone happy in that place, the shows are amazing tooDown point.. no dance place.. so if you like the music better sing instead of  (try to) dance.. haha” By Ana P.
  2. “RACIST CLUB!!!!This past Saturday night my friend was celebrating her birthday, we had all planned to go to Bamboo. My friend had called to verify the dress code since she was wanted to inform all her guy friends on what to wear. We were planning on buying a bottle and we were all ready for a good time. Everyone looked amazing, the boys were all dressed up as well as the girls. Once we get there they let all the girls in and the boys had to stand outside, then the bouncer goes up the 5 boys and says to them everyone can come in except for those two. We asked why? They told us because the two guys they did not want to let in have dreadlocks. Not dirty dreadlocks, clean dreadlocks. They did not want to let my friends in because of the religion they choose to practice. We told them we wanted to buy a bottle and that we were going to spend money and they told us they did not accept our kind of money! WTF! these people are RACIST! We came to america for freedom of religion. I will never step foot in this club again. I will not spend my money with on a racist and prejudice club! I do not recommend this club to any one. You never know if they find out your Jewish or christian they might not let you in.”  By Angela D.