DayGlow Miami Pictures Are Here!

                      To See All The DayGlow Miami Photos [CLICK HERE]
DayGlow Miami was a smashing success and it could not have been possible if it wasn’t for all the people behind the scenes like security, clean up crews, police, and many more, but most importantly special thanks to the Team Committee who did all the promotions for the events, their promoters worked real hard and sold out all their tickets. Also special thanks to Paul Campbell.

The Merrymaking Miami team had a great night filled with lots of paint. Our Photographer (Mitch) took some very cool pictures so make sure you check them out [HERE]. If you were there that night you should especially check out the pictures, there ae over 150 photos. So chance are you might see yourself in a few of them.

Be sure to Like our page on facebook [HERE] and you can add the Owner / Photographer of this event here [Mitch Merrymakingmiami]. There are some good pictures of Alesso the headliner of the night, as well as almost every on in the front of the crowd by the stage. There was paint every where, and every one was having a great time.

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To See All The DayGlow Miami Photos [CLICK HERE]


Afrojack Pictures Are Now Available! (June 14th)

We apologize for the wait, but finally we uploaded the event pictures from when we had a photographer from Merrymaking Miami at Club Cinema june 14th 2012 while Afrojack and his gang performed live. Due to technical difficulties there were not a lot of pictures taken, and for that we do apologize. Feel free to comment or share the picture, if you are having trouble downloading pictures feel free to contact me in any way you feel comfortable. We hope you had a great night on the 14th and if you werent there, then you missed a great night!


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DayGlow Miami – Worlds Largest Paint Party!!

“World’s Largest Paint Party”

Heres some extra info and details on the event!

DayGlow “LIFE In Color Tour” Miami 2012 Edition at Miami Beach Convention Center

Friday, June 29th 2012

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
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♫ Deniz Koyu
♫ David Solano
♫ The Devil of Acapulco

★ Visuals by VJ PSYBERPIXIE ★
World’s Leading Female VJ

Come witness the ALL NEW Paint Blast at Midnight!
“Experience a World of Color”
“…Concert unlike any” – National Geographic
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★OFFICIAL Miami 2011 After-Movie★

★OFFICIAL Miami Beach 2010 After-Movie★

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