DayGlow Miami Pictures Are Here!

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DayGlow Miami was a smashing success and it could not have been possible if it wasn’t for all the people behind the scenes like security, clean up crews, police, and many more, but most importantly special thanks to the Team Committee who did all the promotions for the events, their promoters worked real hard and sold out all their tickets. Also special thanks to Paul Campbell.

The Merrymaking Miami team had a great night filled with lots of paint. Our Photographer (Mitch) took some very cool pictures so make sure you check them out [HERE]. If you were there that night you should especially check out the pictures, there ae over 150 photos. So chance are you might see yourself in a few of them.

Be sure to Like our page on facebook [HERE] and you can add the Owner / Photographer of this event here [Mitch Merrymakingmiami]. There are some good pictures of Alesso the headliner of the night, as well as almost every on in the front of the crowd by the stage. There was paint every where, and every one was having a great time.

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To See All The DayGlow Miami Photos [CLICK HERE]


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Alesso @ Liv Tonight then Alesso @ DayGlow Tomorrow!

Alesso will be performing at Liv Nightclub in Miami Beach.

Then the next day he will head over to Miami Beach Convention Center for DayGlow Miami the worlds largest paint party along with David Solano & Deniz Koyu!

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Official DayGlow After Party Announced!


DayGlow will be crazy but the after party will be insane!
Girls-5$. Guys-10$
Its going down at Club Mekka at 2:00am right after DayGlow ends.
You cant miss this! Special Guest Appearances through out the night.


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This Will Be a Night To Remember!!


DayGlow Life In Color, Behind The Paint

Dayglow: Life in Color



Take thousands of gallons of paints, about 4,000 people in attendance at two sold out shows and some amazing beats and then you have a small idea of what DAYGLOW Houston, a stop on the tour of the World’s Largest Paint Party is all about.

            What began back in 2006 on college campuses in Florida has become a one of a kind experience.  DAYGLOW is now an international tour, which combines the world’s greatest DJs ranging from Laidback Luke to Feed Me, to DAYGLOW’S own resident DJ, David Solano.  Combining aerial artists, amazing lights, intricate and varied “Blast Off” moments for each city, DAYGLOW has even held 3D parties.  It is marketed as a one of a kind experience, and having been present for the paint party on Friday night, I can tell you, that is precisely what it was.

DAYGLOW sold out both Thursday and Friday nights, with the Friday the first night selling out so fast that a second date had to be added.  While you can easily check out both of the night’s countdowns on Vance Lawrence’s YouTube channel:, I was present for the Friday night event and it was incredible.  Ushering everyone in on to the terrace, the nice breeze coupled with a sea of white clothing really gave the event a free and open vibe.  It was evident, that the crowd was in the right mood to party.

Having gone to parties and events at Stereo Live for years, I was curious to see how the venue prepares for such an event.  Lots of duct tape, old carpet, and manpower-that’s how.  Ladies and gentlemen, please take note that each and every individual that comprises both Nightculture, as well as Stereo Live had to put in lots of work to make this event a reality, and we should be grateful.  They transformed the venue into a canvas, one to be painted alongside the attendees.

The aerial artists hanging from sheets of colorful fabric, while dancers paraded around with their colorful suits on while sporty paint bazookas, all added to the epicness that was the “Blast Off.”  While each “Blast Off” will vary, how found the futuristic Transformers approached used by the performers Friday night to be so amazing.  It felt like the venue was coming alive. With the paint pouring and Congorock tearing up the dance floor, with sick house beats that made one feel like the party was never going to stop.   It is no wonder everyone who went to the show was fanatically speaking about it on Facebook, Tweeter and Tumblr, not to mention all the photos and videos up on various media outlets.  While smiling and watching hot pink paint drip down my face, unto my white shirt and then onto my feet, I thought to myself how amazing this night was.  How unlike anything else I had ever been apart of this event was. DAYGLOW truly was a one of a kind experience.

I saw plenty of people dancing, smiling, kissing and just truly having a great time with about 2,000 of their closest friends.   And while that is the typical scene at Stereo Live every weekend, it’s no wonder that by adding a few thousand gallons of neon paint you can go from a great weekend to an epic one.