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About Merrymaking Miami:

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About us-
Merrymaking Miami is a professional party and events management and promotions company for the Miami area. Merrymaking Miami is hosting a myriad of the most exclusive parties and events. Our goal is to provide Miami with the latest parties and events. Merrymaking Miami is aware of the ecological issues associated with flyering and know that littering can adversely affect the image of the city equally littering of marketing material reflects badly of the clubs and venues within Miami. We endeavor to keep our flyering areas clean and presentable during and after any promotional activities.

Hire us-
Merrymaking Miami´s extensive promotional experience made us one of Florida´s most prominent promotion companies. Our team of specialists are trained and experienced in locating specific target markets to best optimize the effectiveness of promotional activities.


Nightlife Maniac:

(SMALL) [Black - Long] Nightlife Maniac We are a Nightlife Promotional Company, but we are involved in many other type of events as well. We help tourists find their way to the best local clubs, and we help the locals get into their favorite clubs cheaper or even free. We work with a number of other partners in the industry and we always help the customers even when we dont make money off them.